How to Set up a Mailing List in cPanel

You may want to set up a mailing list which allows you to send an email to multiple recipients while keeping each recipient's email address private. There are many mailing list scripts on the internet, but we recommend phpList which can be installed using our auto-installer, QuickInstall.

Install phpList

To install phpList via QuickInstall:

Log into cPanel.

In the Software/Services section, click the QuickInstall icon.

In the left menu, under Mail Software, click phpList.

Click Continue.

Select the domain on which you'd like phpList installed.

Enter the admin email, installation name and admin username.

Click Install Now.

Once the installation is complete, you can access your admin area by going to:

Be sure to replace with the actual domain on which you installed phpList.

ProTip: Avoid sending to multiple addresses using the CC field. Everyone will be able to see each other's email address.

You can always send to extra addresses using BCC, but this can be a hassle when you often have new people to email.



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